Kevin Ryan and Richard Gage speaking at the Nation of Islam

In a remarkable crossover two of our most dedicated 911 activists took the courageous step to speak to members of Nation of Islam of Louis Farrakhan  fame.

This an encouraging development as far as I am concerned because it is in our interest to reach out to Muslims in order to start the healing we all need to do after the incredible mayhem we caused in Muslim Nations in the aftermath of the events of 9/11. Even the fact that Louis Farrakhan is an avowed anti Semite should not deter us to reach out to all Muslims and give at least scientific support to the education we all need about the events of 9/11 so we can begin to investigate and understand the crime committed on that day while letting the chips fall were they may with regards to who really perpetrated this crime.

2 thoughts on “Kevin Ryan and Richard Gage speaking at the Nation of Islam

  1. Really interested to see the AE911 documentary. I recall at the time, and after having worked in the WTC, when I heard the official story I tried to reconcile it with my own memories of what the inside of the building looked like – it just didn’t make sense.

    Thank you for posting these Ev.

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