Is this the future of New Zealand?

As the details of the financial deal between Greece and the bankster terrorists begin to emerge so do the photo’s of the homeless and the destitute in the soup kitchens and it’s a hideous picture with truth be told evil conditions the international finance gangsters are putting the bail of themselves while the Greek people are suffering the austerity measures their corrupt and criminal government is forcing on them. 

Here is Mike Whitney’s analysis of the death sentence memorandum of understanding with a link to the official text and a link to the photo’s compiled by Zero Hedge and remember our lying scumbag John Key will do the same to us when the time comes.

6 thoughts on “Is this the future of New Zealand?

  1. I hope not… there is still time for us to rescue NZ. Someone pointed out yesterday that our resources per capita are huge so if we were to organise ourselves right we could be doing more than ok.

    We have to break with the IMF, return to a gold standard, disestablish the RBNZ and either renationalise or establish competitive SOEs in critical sectors, e.g. Kiwibank. While we’re about it, we could throw in a Constitution for good measure and deliver some “cost cutting” on our Members of Parliament.

    My concern is the moment that happened, the psychopathic banksters would trump up some excuse for a coup of some kind or just destablise the crap out of everything to get their way – “order out of chaos” and all that stuff. Those guys and their puppets have no problem in selling NZ down the river… they’re doing it now.

    • What we need to do first is unite New Zealanders, we’re too divided (just look at any formal document you have to sign; “Are you a New Zealand European or New Zealand Maori?” ((I always tick “other” as I am both of these generalisations and nether of them))).

      New Zealand can definately take care of it’s self, theres no shortage of natural resources, food, clean water etc the only thing from stopping our decline is most of the nation, the same can be said for the human race though really.

      The removal of Donkey is essential for us, although as his policies become more and more obvious that he’s NOT helping NZers, the sooner people will unite and want change, which will be awesome because we’re far to apathetic for our own good.

      But hey, “that’s life” you just need to “harden up” and all those other typical kiwi sayings that mean absolutely nothing.

      • I agree and I think education is the way to go for now I fear. I see more and more people visit my blog and read up on John Key and the banking fraudsters.

        • I’m so glad I found you! haha It makes me happy that we have a place to talk real NZ politics online.

          By the way, myself and a group of people I “work” with are in the process of creating a petition to the government to create a “vote of no confidence” as a selection in elections, if / when we get the petition going, make sure to sign it!

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