Are Greece and Detroit test grounds for societal shut down or the beginning of the end?

For those of you interested to see and learn what happens when societies collapse (if only to be able to prepare) two places stand out for study. One of them of course is Greece and another is the once proud city of Detroit in the land of the free and the brave oppressed and the slaves, the good old US of A now better known as the Evil Empire.

The thing with these two examples of horrible economic collapse is that perhaps we are not the only ones studying what happens when jobs disappear and money becomes scares and the people is squeezed for ever more tax, fines and permit fees while they become more and more restricted in their movements through poverty, rising oil prices and no fly lists.

There are a couple of noteworthy differences between the two examples:

  • In Detroit the deteriorating situation leads to more individual on individual violence and often crime related violence.
  • In Greece, a country who’s population suffered immensely but fought back bravely under the Nazi occupation and who also suffered greatly under the Military Junta there is much more solidarity and they have a tendency to demonstrate in huge numbers and direct their anger to the Elite, Government and the Finance institutions destroying the country.
  • In Detroit hundreds of thousands of people have simply moved away in search of jobs and the left over inhabitants find themselves more and more in a Mad Max situation in which ladies in their late seventies have to apply for gun permits and buy guns to protect themselves from the armed gangs roaming the streets.
  • In Greece young unemployed people will use violence against the police but it seems that there is no increased crime but more and more people become homeless and commit suicide each day.
  • Another noteworthy difference is the behaviour of the police. In Detroit and in the entire US the violence of police officers towards private citizens is increasing in multiple mind blowing ways( see here, here and here for just a few horrible examples).
  • In Greece the Police union representing two thirds of the entire police force has issued a statement in defence of their country and it’s citizenry and it is a searing indictment of the international financial elite wreaking havoc in their communities.
  • What is also interesting that while the Greek clearly pointed to their elite as the source of the problems with a good understanding of the political situation with regards to their position in society,
  • The citizens of Detroit and that goes for most of the US it citizens, until the advent of the occupy movement, are on the whole behaving  as millionaires who are temporarily out of cash identifying completely with the 1% devastating their country and most of the world.

The same 1% whom we must presume are watching both situations with interest and if I was them with more than just a smidgen of trepidation because their entire future lies on what happens in these places next.

Will the Greek take back their country and return to the Drachma and begin to rebuild their economy causing the entire bloated over leveraged financial bubble machine to collapse or will the military industrial complex take over when the financial war can no longer be perpetrated?

Will the American people armed to the teeth and divided along racial and income lines turn on each other more and more descending into a civil war leaving the 1% to continue their goal of bankrupting the global population or will they finally wake up to the fact that they never have been and never will be millionaires like the 1% and take back their country thereby triggering the FEMA concentration camp activation and the use of military on the streets of cities like Detroit in order to shut down what was once a thriving free community?

We live in interesting times

One thought on “Are Greece and Detroit test grounds for societal shut down or the beginning of the end?

  1. The Greeks and the USA have both got corrupt governments.

    The Greeks lied about debt going in and did not attempt to correct their ways, despite the good times. The bailouts are now unassailable as they converted bank debt into government debt, an act of theft of monstrous proportions. But they will default, everyone knows this. In the meantime, they get to drive down the euro, improving conditions for everyone who does not import goods. Int he meantime, the EU is giving them money. That Greek taxes have collapsed is their own fault. They are merely demonstrating that they cannot govern themselves, very conveniently for the EU.

    I hope we see none of this happening in NZ or Australia, despite some fragility in the banks. Banks merely shift consumption forward by facilitating investment. When they are bust, they should be shut down and new ones started!

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