4 thoughts on “911 and then there were the put options.

  1. YES!! DAMN RIGHT Mick. Again and again, and all the ‘coincidences’ and whjat is so ironical is this (though I don’t say you do or have to believe in what I am about to use as an example), that the ‘sceptics’ –who are really pseudosceptics–ALL ALSO are debunkers of the paranormal, UFOs, , anything their mechanistic scientific worldview cant explain or explains away, and YET WILL BELIEVE, and argue incessantly for, this insane ‘reality’ of the so-called offical 9/11 tale LOL

  2. “Never seen that before ” …that seems to be a common theme relating to 911 .Be it suspicious trades or three skyscrapers falling at free-fall speeds and into their own footprint !

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