A new 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC

Luke Rudowski interviews a new Eyewitness on explosions on floors much lower then where the planes had hit the buildings.

It is also a shocking indictment against the EPA with as a result thousands of New Yorkers dying of toxic dust in their lungs. 

2 thoughts on “A new 9/11 Eyewitness Evidence of Bombs at WTC

  1. hehe Wikileaks truck going past at 5.30

    If there was a bomb detonated in the lobby, why do you think it was put there?

    To stop people/rescuers/firefighters from entering the buildings and maybe discovering devices?
    Or to stop people from escaping the buildings?
    Such a sad event, the truth must come out.

    • I suspect that the explosions under the towers in their subterranean basements were in preparation for the collapse. But that is conjecture. It did kill a lot of people and stopped fire fighters from effectively killing of the jet fuel fires that’s for sure.

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