Italian Job: Stealing 2,451.8 tons of gold with style

This morning I had an interesting short conversation with a new facebook friend of mine. The gentleman clearly had done his homework but still felt strongly about bringing down the National debt because if we owed this debt it was our duty to pay it off.

My argument is that while I am scrupulous with regards to personal debts I argue that these debts crushing entire populations are not about honest loans but about a system designed to scam these populations out of their assets.

This short is what John Key is setting up for his Goldman Sachs mates:

2 thoughts on “Italian Job: Stealing 2,451.8 tons of gold with style

  1. why can’t we executed the fraudsters like China does ? If you rob a bank you can do 20 years in prison and only gain $100,000 if your lucky ,these guys steal billions so they should expect to die if they are caught .It might bring a little honesty to the global banking industry .What have we got to lose ? The current system isn’t working !

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