Car blown up in Wellington: attempt to smear OWS activists?

Today an idiot blew up a car in Cuba street in Wellington and it is alleged that a message was printed on the road saying: What is fractional banking….. Google it!

The whole operation smells of a cointelpro. Could it be that the powers that be want to smear the OWS movement and are trying to project them as paranoid aggressive terrorists? Remember Cass Sunstein appointed in 2009 by Obama to help prevent the spread of Conspiracy theories.

Asking questions about historical events is not about violence and never was. To drive a car into a walking only area, setting fire to it and connecting it with people asking questions about the banking system, 911 and the ongoing wars as a result is illogic, counter productive and unnecessary and only helps those who want these questions not asked. Keep speaking truth to power and remember first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win. Violence is not part of our path. Speaking truth and asking questions is!

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