America’s collapse finally made it to NZ Main stream media

I suppose that one day the NZ MSM had to stumble upon what already was known for a long time in the blogosphere. The total and accelerating collapse of America. Here they are finally giving some figures about why the poverty in the US is no longer deniable. On big blogs in the US dedicated […]

Radioactive cesium from Fukushima on tour of Pacific Ocean

Radioactive cesium from the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant is circulating with the currents in the Pacific Ocean and will wash up on Japan’s shores again in between 20 and 30 years. Scientists from the government’s Meteorological Research Institute and the Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry announced their findings at a meeting […]

Fake WTC 7 video going viral!

A video going viral showing explosions occurring in WTC7 while collapsing is analysed and considered to be a fake. Please don’t spread it other than with the analysis of why it is fake. A new short Building 7 video showing very clear explosions appeared on the Web recently and is going viral, so we have decided […]

In the mean time: the Economic collapse is progressing according to plan.

You would almost forget that while Kiwi’s try to get to Rugby games with badly organised transport and frustration levels rising to unacceptable levels while Bill English’s brother gets choice jobs terrorist accusations get dropped after four years of terror for those accused the global economy continues to slow down and continues to collapse. Here […]

The United States of Europe and the finance crisis to make it happen!

If you ask the man or the woman on the street if they want a United states of Europe let me assure you that they find it hard enough to cope with their own elected officials and have no taste for a United states of Europe. Greeks don’t want to be Dutch and the French […]

The end of free speech in New Zealand?

When Vinny Eastwood, host of the Vinny Eastwood show on American Freedom radio tried to exercise his right to freedom of speech on the streets of Auckland on the 11th of September he was confronted with a brand spanking new by law: No sharing of information on the public streets of Auckland. No pamphlets, no […]

INSIDE POLITICS 9/11 panel distrusted Pentagon testimony

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A member of the 9/11 commission said Wednesday that panel members so distrusted testimony from Pentagon officials that they referred their concerns to the Pentagon’s inspector general. The panel even considered taking the matter to the Justice Department for a possible criminal probe, commission member Tim Roemer said. “We were extremely frustrated […]

Breaking: High explosive residue found in the lung tissue of 911 first responder

Breaking: High explosive residue has been found in the lung tissue of 911 first responders. Because it had to be been determined whether 911 first responders who died in the aftermath of 911 died of diseases caused by the dust they inhaled and swallowed on 911 and the days after their bodies had to be […]

Money as debt I and money as debt II

To understand what is currently happening in our financial system it is paramount to watch these two intelligent yet simple animations which will guide you through the history, inevitable failure of the current financial system and what you and I can do to change it. Money as debt I Money as Debt II  

Well I’m glad that’s sorted then: Proof the moonlanding was not a hoax!!!

I must be getting jaded but this shit just makes me laugh these days: The Daily mail this morning on its front page: the moon landings are now proven to be real and not a hoax as claimed by many conspiracy theorists!!! Well that’s alright then innit! That must mean that asking questions about 911 […]

Bob Mcilvaine is an awesome human being and Thomas Keane isn’t worth shit and neither was his 911 commission report.

For Bob, for the Jersey girls and for all those people who died and are still dying in the aftermath of 911. Let it be known that we will never shut up and we will never back down and we will grow stronger and stronger until the truth will out and these scum bags are […]

Is the National government allowing Radioactive imports from Japan!

Have you noticed the NZ journalist propensity for “funny” and terribly inane titles to the articles they submit their editors? Here’s one for ya: Wave of new car sales as tsunami impact eases! It seems that the supply problems from Japan are easing and we have imported 5767 new cars  in August, a 22 per […]

The end of the financial world as we know it is nigh and overhere we watch Rugby!

I have been predicting this for about four years or so and find no satisfaction in being able to say “I told you so”. The financial system is collapsing. It is not collapsing because of an “el Ninjo” type of “Natural” business cycle but because of another all to human characteristic: that of greed and […]

About fucking time: ‘Urewera 18’ charges dropped

So after they terrorised these 18 people and their families for THREE years after a traumatic “anti-terrorist” exercise petrifying children, women and men  because the had run around in the forest with a couple of guns they have finally admitted that the entire event was a non starter and since John Key with the permission […]

Establishment Prepares 9/11 Official Story Onslaught

One look at your TV guide over the next 10 days will tell you everything you need to know about how petrified the establishment is over the flimsy credibility of the official 9/11 fable. Naturally, the 10-year anniversary of the attacks would be expected to merit a deluge of media coverage, but what sticks out […]

Zero jobs and Goldman Sachs is advising it’s rich prick clients to bet on a massive collapse and you still think we’re going to be sweet?

The month of August came and went and not a single job was created in the US! What’s more Goldman Sachs is advising it’s rich investment clients to bet on a massive economic collapse while telling the little people that everything is going to be just fine. If you believe that I’ve got a great […]

Game Over? Senior IMF Official – “I Expect A Hard Greek Default This Year”

If Greece goes everything goes!!! This is going to be sooo ugly!!! While the US was panicking over a double zero jobs report, things in Europe just fell off a cliff. As both the WSJ and Reuters report, it seems that the second Greek bailout, following repeated and consistent disappointments by Greece which has resolutely […]

Paramilitary Monster: From CIA To CKA – “Central Killing Agency”

On September 6, General David Petraeus will be officially inaugurated as the new CIA chief. What legacy is he getting? By coincidence or not, on Thursday, September 1, The Washington Post published a long article outlining in detail the new profile of the Central Intelligence Agency. By analyzing numerous examples from all parts of the […]

After 10 Years, 75% of New Yorkers Never Saw Footage of WTC Building 7

A Sienna Poll (PDF) published earlier this year found that 3 out of 4 New Yorkers have never seen any footage of Building 7′s destruction. Understanding that after 10 years, most New Yorkers have never seen the 3rd tower’s collapse is mind-blowing. What went wrong? The 10th Anniversary Campaign by Remember Building 7 has the ambitious […]