In the mean time: the Economic collapse is progressing according to plan.

You would almost forget that while Kiwi’s try to get to Rugby games with badly organised transport and frustration levels rising to unacceptable levels while Bill English’s brother gets choice jobs terrorist accusations get dropped after four years of terror for those accused the global economy continues to slow down and continues to collapse.

Here are some pointers to assess how far the global economic collapse has progressed and where we stand in all of this:

  • The Dutch mister of finance has announced that the Dutch government is preparing for the imminent bankruptcy of Greece.
  • Moody is preparing to down grade the French banks.
  • America is still exporting jobs to China robbing the American population of any chance to work themselves out of poverty.
  • Crime is rising at a shocking pace in the US as poverty forces people into ever more desperate acts in order to put food on the table.

Good things are happening too (If you are part of the military industrial complex that is):

  • You can now find people to shoot with very small infra red seekers.
  • Private prisons are making more profit than ever and that will only continue to rise for the foreseeable future.
  • And Fukushima is continuing to blast radioactivity into the atmosphere and that might increase when the cores reach the water levels.

And what does the Kiwi government announce? Mum and Dad can, in the future, buy Government bonds and you know why: Because professional investors won’t want to touch the blooming things with bargepole come next year when the law goes into effect.