Oh Shit John Key’s not going to like this: Goodbye Bank Of America Settlement

BofA bought Merrill Lynch in September 2008. Rumours abound that Paulson the then Goldman Sachs Secretary of treasury pressured the BofA to buy Merrill Lynch and a good part of the TARP bailout went into making up for the losses of Merrill Lynch.  Merrill Lynch had been a trailblazer in the Derivatives and Bonds trade […]

GOING ROGUE: NATO’s War Crimes in Libya

By Susan Lindauer. It’s a story CNN won’t report. Late at night there’s a pounding on the door in Misurata. Armed soldiers force young Libyan women out of their beds at gun-point. Hustling the women and teenagers into trucks, the soldiers rush the women to gang bang parties for NATO rebels—or else rape them in […]

Libya: NATO Humiliation Increasing per Airstrike

You don’t bomb a “captured” city Tony Cartalucci Prisonplanet.com Aug 26, 2011 Each NATO warplane that passes over Libya’s coast and releases its ordnance upon the city of Tripoli is a glaring reminder that not only have the NATO-backed rebels failed to take the city, but the fighting there is beyond their ability to face […]

Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports today police sources have confirmed that hours before Anders Behring Breivik launched his deadly attack at a political summer camp on Utøya island on July 22, police had conducted a drill for a “practically identical scenario.” “Sources within the top level management of the police in Oslo have confirmed to […]

911 First responders barred from 10th anniversary

Remember those images of first responders running towards the buildings on 911 to help save as many lives as they could and put out those fires? Well… you would think that those first responders were taken really good care off wouldn’t you and that while hundreds of them are dying they would be central to […]

Russia Today TV online

I don’t trust any MSM outlet and not many of the big mainstream Blogosphere media such as Huffington post either but today I want to promote Russia Today. Not because I trust them, they are after all Russia funded they have their own agenda but because they give information from another angle and the sender […]

Libya, Sharia law, Boots on the ground and turbo Capitalism. Confused? You shouldn’t be this is what Neo-colonialism looks like and John Key loves it!

This morning I found a link to an article on the heritage blog. This blog which belongs to the rampantly right wing  hardcore Christian US group the Heritage movement links to a leaked document called a draft Libyan constitution which seems to have been build on Sharia law. There is not way to verify if […]

Troll attack!

Regular reader may have been confused by individuals leaving creepy messages on this blog and even a request of Mallard to give me information about John Key. It has now been established that these are in fact hijacked identities and that these individuals themselves have nothing whatsoever to do with these remarks. The same hackers […]

Bank of America, 911, Gold and the total collapse. Nothing can stop it now!

Chavez wants his countries gold delivered to his doorstep and has announced he will Nationalise the gold production putting him like Gaddafi before him on the international bankster’s hit list. Were is it now? In NY. That is, of course it’s not, it’s in the cellars of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and assorted hangers […]

Sick of high food prices and thought you could grow your own food and barter your way through the collapse?

Sick of high food prices and thought you could grow your own food and barter your way through the collapse? Think again because the NWO has come up with a genius solution to keep you hooked into the system. Selling your veggies through a coop or bartering with your neighbours with the excess eggs your […]

WTF: Greater combat likely for SAS?

I blame the Media and the epic state of ignorance and naivete of this country! With a functioning MSM perhaps if Kiwi’s on the whole had been more informed about geopolitical realities maybe this would finally lead to someone here asking some questions but as most Kiwi’s still think that banking scum makes an excellent […]

Psychopaths and big money – it all adds up

  John Key anyone? Expand Commerce students returned ‘significantly higher primary psychopathy scores than science or arts majors’. Photo / Thinkstock Psychopaths prefer commerce degrees – that’s the finding of a world-first study examining university students’ personalities and course preferences. Victoria University students with higher scores for psychopathy traits tended to opt to study commerce, […]

Revolution Spreads To Germany: Cars Of Hundreds Of “Fat Cats” Burned.

So in England hundreds of kids go on a rampage, in Greece they burn banks and in Egypt and Israel they camp out in tents with the Israeli demonstrators upping the ante with a guillotine for all to see on the Rothschild boulevard but in Germany the financial fortress of Europe the citizens are happy […]

Architect and Engineers for 911 truth new video!

Architects and Engineers for 911 truth just released this video presenting their case to a wider public. I challenge anybody to watch this and give me one good reason as to why I should call all of these Scientists,Fire fighters, Demolition experts, Architects and Engineers “conspiracy nutters”. One good reason based on real world science. […]

The plunge protection team has called it a day. Prepare for financial Armageddon!

Have you ever wondered that no matter how bad the markets collapsed for some reason on every Friday they seemed to rally and go back up again? If you had noticed this strange but welcome (For traders at least) phenomena you have seen the activities of what is colloquially known as the Plunge protection team. […]

Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?

According to Matt Taibbi who other then his absolute denial as to the facts of 911 (Although he acknowledges we have been lied to about the events of that day) is an excellent reporter and an absolute master were it concerns the malfeasance of the to big to fail banks writes this excellent article about […]

If we devalue the punishment system does that mean we’ll reintroduce the Guillotine for the real bad crimes such as plunder and looting on a biblical scale?

According to Andrew Neilson we are devaluing the punishment system by sentencing 16 olds for stealing two scoops of ice cream to go to prison for 6 months or 20-22 year olds for 4 years for making drunken jokes “inciting violence” on facebook which didn’t even happen as a result of that joke! This means […]