Fukushima: Three reactors in Meltdown and no end in sight. I wonder if John Key knows his house in Hawaii is contaminated.

If there was ever a moment in time I was truly relieved not to leave any offspring on this planet after I’m gone it must be now. No child of mine will be subjected to the uncontrolled radiation of three reactors spewing their poison over this our only planet, our home.

TEPCO has finally admitted that three reactors one of which fuelled with MOX (a mixture of Uranium and Plutonium) are in meltdown and have been from the moment the cooling went down in the Fukushima reactors as the result of the Tsunami which hit the Japanese coast line after the 9M Earthquake.

The fact that the three reactors have been in meltdown since the beginning does not come as a surprise for independent Nuclear researchers and scientists as there is no way for a reactor core to stop from going in complete meltdown within hours after a power failure. There is after all no way to either keep them cool or to stop the reaction inside the reactor core without power.

The entire Northern hemisphere has been exposed to the radiation fall out and landmasses such as Hawaii, closer to Japan has been recording higher than normal radiation produce such as milk. I wonder if John key is going to Hawaii any time soon with his kids.

Radiation is after all a killer which is not limited by class or wealth.

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