We’ve Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

Funny how around the Western world our “leaders” think it’s OK to go into Urgency, or hide behind secret laws and security to keep people from knowing the laws they are supposed to obey. Preface: Some defendants are no longer allowed to see the “secret evidence” which the government is using against them. See this […]

From Egypt to Spain and beyond we’re all Indignati!!!

This is not going to go away. The people of Egypt, Tunisia are doing it already and now Spain and again Greece have followed once again and soon France, Italy, Ireland and hopefully the people of the US and all the countries subjected to the fake austerity measures perpetrated on them to pay for the […]

Arguments Regarding the Collapse of the World Trade Center Evaporate Upon Inspection

Preface: Now that Bin Laden has been confirmed to be dead, it has been established that Saddam Hussein was not behind 9/11 (one of the main reasons for the Iraq war), and Iran has been accused of having a hand in 9/11 – potentially forming the basis for a war against Iran – it is […]

Inside Job: An inside view of John Key’s world and how he and his bankster mates stole the world.

In the unauthorised biography (the page on which he was quoted as saying it has been taken off line, John Key says there must be more to life than this meaning he wanted to enter the exiting world of New Zealand’s politics instead of the high strung world of Wall streets scamsters and remember how […]

Welcome To Hyperinflation Hell: Following Currency Devaluation, Belarus Economy Implodes, Sets Blueprint For Developed World Future

You think prices are pinching you now?? “A ‘91-style meltdown is almost inevitable.” So says Alexei Moiseev, chief economist at VTB Capital, the investment-banking arm of Russia’s second-largest lender, discussing the imminent economic catastrophe that is sure to engulf Belarus following the surprise devaluation of the country’s currency by over 50%, which we announced on […]

Another question John Key is not likely to answer

Dear Mr Key, You own a home in Hawaii. According to An open letter from dairy farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii shares some solutions for working with radiation problems in milk. Dear Milk Share Members, Our goal to offer high quality safe food to our community has recently been challenged in the reality […]

I’m in good company: Manny Badillo, family member and 911 truth activist wants a new investigation into what happened on 9/11

Manny Badillo, took years to “wake up” he tells us in this interview. He had to go be pushed to investigate the evidence but when he did he reaches conclusions that would change his life. He is not alone. Hundreds of family members of those who died on 9/11 want to have a new and […]

Tripoli a city more than 2700 years old is being bombarded nightly with Humanitarian Kenetic objects

I have never visited Tripoli (more than 2 million civilians), Libya but according to Wikipedia the city is more than 2700 years old and if my experience with visiting ancient cities is anything to go by that means that ancient ruins are mixed up with buildings build in between and on top of them so […]

College conspiracy (full version)

The latest Alex Jones film about how students are conned into spending so much money they’ll be indentured servitude for the rest of their lives. Is that limited to the US. Well, just a week ago John Key and his National government announced they would be coming down on those unfortunates who borrowed to get […]

People Could Have Planted Bombs In the World Trade Center Without Anyone Noticing

Preface: This essay does not argue that bombs brought down the Twin Towers or World Trade Building 7. It simply addresses the often-made argument that no one could have planted explosives without people noticing. Tightrope walker Philippe Petit snuck into the World Trade Center with a friend in 1974 with massive amounts of equipment, smuggled […]

Two Nuclear Reactors Were Damaged by the Earthquake, BEFORE the Tsunami Hit … and the Entire Nuclear Reactor Design Is Flawed

Bloomberg reported last week: A radiation alarm went off at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima nuclear power plant before the tsunami hit on March 11, suggesting that contrary to earlier assumptions the reactors were damaged by the earthquake that spawned the wall of water. A monitoring post on the perimeter of the plant about 1.5 […]

Is the US going to start a war with Pakistan?

I realise the question is rhetorical because the fact is that the US has been killing people with unmanned drones for the last two years inside Pakistan but with the closure of its diplomatic channels are we looking at an increase of war actions such as the incident of a NATO helicopter attacking Pakistani checkposts?

First Japan’s economic collapse and next the worlds?

Japan’s economy which wasn’t to good to begin with is collapsing in a spectacular fashion. This was to be expected after the Earthquake and the Tsunami decimated whole areas of Japan’s infrastructure and the meltdown in Japan’s Fukushima reactors which caused entire factories to shut down for months but what will be the result for […]

First Egypt and now Spain. Social unrest as economies collapse is going to spread everywhere.

As predicted by Gerald Celente in the beginning of this year Social unrest is spreading to Spain and other countries in Europe. This is only just the beginning of the disasters awaiting Europe in the next two years. As the money supply dries up and the inflation of food and fuel prices continues and poverty […]

Fukushima: Three reactors in Meltdown and no end in sight. I wonder if John Key knows his house in Hawaii is contaminated.

If there was ever a moment in time I was truly relieved not to leave any offspring on this planet after I’m gone it must be now. No child of mine will be subjected to the uncontrolled radiation of three reactors spewing their poison over this our only planet, our home. TEPCO has finally admitted […]

There is always one who has to brag: We can cause Tsunamis killing a 120 million people!!!

Looking at the man I could not escape the impression that he had a couple of vodka’s to many before he did the interview but be that as it may his assertion that only four centres of power really mattered (Washington, Peking, Moscow and Brussels) and the fact that he openly asserts the possession of […]

Lehman investors receive $100m surprise

Handy to have an ex Wall street baker as a prime minister I’m sure if you are a rich guy investing in risky derivatives. He knows after all were the skeletons are buried, eh. One group of investors holding collateralised debt obligations issued by the collapsed investment banking giant Lehman Brothers will receive an unexpectedly […]