New Zealand refuses to stop food imports from Japan while radioactive readings continue to climb.

Update III: Radioactive fish caught of the coast of Japan. Considering the fact that we import fresh seaweed from Japan this should be cause for alarm. Update II: China to ban food imports from more areas of Japan and reports “harmless” radioactive contamination over the entire country Update I: Thailand, India both stopped the import […]

Japanese official Cries – FUKUSHIMA NOS. 5 & 6 FLOODED!

  The thing with the Japanese is that they abhor displays of extreme emotions. In fact Japanese people who are going to work in western countries actually have to learn to laugh showing their teeth as that is totally uncool in Japan. So when a Japanese official cries when he announces that the Fukushima power […]

9 Trillion dollars are missing and these are the answers you get?

Let me ask you a question: If you run a company and it has been brought to your notice that a considerable sum is missing and the auditor of the financial department comes back with the answers to your questions in this manner would you be a tad uncomfortable? Especially if you realise that the […]

Is the NZ Government monitoring our imports from Japan yet? 7,500,000 times the legal limit says we should!

According to the Japan times on line the seawater dumped into the ocean is 7.5 that is 7,500,000 times the legal limit radioactive fallout. Radioactive fall out has been found in tap water in Idaho and Milk in California So is the New Zealand government taking any precautions about this? Are they testing the planes […]

No Shit! Fukushima nuclear plant to be entombed in concrete as Japan admits it has lost battle with crippled reactors

With the news that the radio active core of the second reactor has started to melt through the bottom of its protective containment vessel and the plans to entomb the entire plant with a “shroud” Chernobyl style the worst of the fears most of us had have come through. A nuclear apocalypse has begun. It […]