What do Afghanistan Iraq and Libya have in common? Oh oops, Depleted Uranium.

While my good friends at the Standard still think that Afghanistan is a good war and Libya was invaded to “liberate” the Libyan people while some of them think that Iraq was the wrong war even thought the rationale for invading that country was also liberating the Iraqi people from their “oppressor” let me point out to you that all these countries have been contaminated with huge amounts and I mean thousands of tons of “depleted” uranium.

So while you contemplate our liberating efforts with the US and NATO and our government secretly sends armoured vehicles to our brave boys in Bamiyan who are there to help the people “rebuild” their country after the “Taliban” consider this; why are we “liberating” these people with tons of Depleted Uranium which will start deforming and killing their population for the next 4.5 billion years?

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