Subscribe to Geonet to keep you posted.

For those of you wanting to stay posted on the actual amount of aftershocks and quake activity in NZ here is a link to Geonet which is the website for the geological hazard monitoring system in New Zealand. I became a subscriber when I first arrived in NZ being a tad worried about the geological […]

John Key, the king of Bahrein and “the” royal wedding

When John “food banks are a lifestyle choice” Key was asked if he thought that Mubarak should go he responded with a very clear and unambiguous,”No”. Never mind that the last Pharaoh had been on the throne of Egypt for more than 30 years and the people of Egypt had shown with abundance that they […]

Mubarak is gone, let’s celebrate at least today for tomorrow the reality sets in.

This morning I woke up to the wonderful news that Mubarak has resigned his position as the president of Egypt. Having seen his speech on al Jazeera yesterday I had lost hope that this was ever going to happen. So rejoice for the people of Egypt. I really do. They spoke and after 18 long […]

War crimes and the Bush family; Let them feel the consequences.

Last year G.W. Bush bragged about ordering the act of torture known as waterboarding and this weekend he had to cancel his trip to Switzerland where he was going to be a guest speaker for a annual Jewish conference. He had to cancel his trip because several activist groups were planning to take him to […]

November elections. 10 months to educate the people about Jo Key’s bankster history.

John Key announced today that the next elections will be held in November. That gives us 10 months to educate everybody about the Federal Reserve, the fraudulent financial system and John Key’s connection to the most corrupt people in the word. I’m ready to rock! Are you?

John Key, Liz Hurley and the Royal wedding

Once again John Key has made an utter fool of himself by going life with another bright example of New Zealand’s manhood Tony Veitch, the Sports presenter who famously thought that kicking his girlfriend of the stairs and kicking her in the back as she lay  on the floor paralysing her temporarily was a good […]