The end is nigh: China and Russia ditch the dollar

The biggest and most scariest news this week went unnoticed so far in the NZ mainstream media again. On 24 November China and Russia announced that they would “Quit” the dollar in favour of their domestic currencies. While they emphasised that the agreement is not meant as a challenge to the dollar it will obviously […]

For shame: John Key calls the miners his brothers.

Of all the shameless, hypocritical and all round lies John Key has been spouting this one must surely be amongst the worst. “New Zealand is a small country, a country where we are all our brother’s keeper. To lose this many brothers at once strikes an agonising blow. Today all New Zealanders grieve for these […]

The shut down of the US airways is earily reminicent of the shut down of travel in WWII Europe

Whenever a small elite wants to control a large population it is imperative to control their movement. In feudal times this was done by laws regulating what the rabble was permitted to do and travelling wasn’t. The rabble belonged to the land the feudal ruler ruled. If someone needed to travel they could only do […]

Bush brags about torture and nobody gives a damn

Another tidbit the Mainstream media in NZ is schtum about. Last week Bush started to advertise his “Memoirs”. Not that he actually wrote the book but his whole live has been one big lie so far so why not chuck in a book full of lies written by someone who actually knows how to string […]

That old devil: the left/right paradigm, never the twain shall meet?

The last couple of days I have been having fun shaking up the sleepy woefully naive people over at the Standard. Wow, I most certainly underestimated how little people over here really know about the outside world and how having lived in Europe for the first 50 years of my life has given me a […]

911 Building what? ad campaign makes it onto Fox.

I don’t know what to think of this but the fact is that while Geraldo was one of the most obnoxious (his own word) anti-truthers here is giving a well watched platform to a father who lost his son on 911 and one of the more prominent member Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. What […]

Challenge to Iprent of the Standard: I’ll debate a team of architects and scientists on the subject of 911.

Today I started a new tread on the second biggest blog in New Zealand the Standard. I commented on the statement made by Noam Chomski. Noam Chomski for years denied the importance of the events of 911 and while he still does not talk about the events he did say that no evidence had been […]

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

As was totally predictable today the real reason for the sudden attention from the US and Hillary Clinton’s visit to NZ was presented to the naive and thoroughly uninformed Kiwi population. We are now part of the US empire! From now on we can expect to pay in blood for the illegal wars in Afghanistan […]

£ 1 an hour to clear rubbish? lets start with the banksters!

Today it was announced that “workshy bludgers” would be forced to work for £ 1 an hour. If they didn’t their welfare would be cut. Their job? Collecting garbage. Here is my suggestion. They should start with collecting the biggest garbage bags of the lot and get rid of the biggest bludgers of them all […]

I despair, Fifa Filistine shows the reality for Palestinian kids.

Hillary thought that NZ was great to do business with. Oh, woopie to that. We are a great gullible bunch who keeps schtum about Afghanistan, Iraq and above all about Israel and who stick our collective heads up the ass of one of the most criminal warmongering nations of all times. That should make us […]

Working on the collapse of the dollar and the introduction of our NWO and it’s going well

In the US the Federal Reserve is expected to announce a new round of Quantitative Easing. The cost? Anywhere between $ 500 billion to 1 Trillion. What not a lot of people know of course is that QE is a very old technique and is more commonly known as inflation or currency deflation. In other […]