And this weeks Guillotine award goes to? Chelsey Clinton!!!

Apart from the fact that in a just world the Clinton’s as a family on the whole would have their heads chopped off under the resurrected  weapon of elimination for the next revolution for war crimes, Fraud on a monumental scale and the enabling of the international bankster elite for the most massive financial fraud ever perpetrated in human history, Chelsea Clinton made the grade for this weeks Guillotine award with her callous disregards for the plight of millions of Americans in her choice of display of wealth and decadent opulence while marrying the son of a corrupt fraudster jailed for being a one man crime wave and flaunting her disregard for honest hard working people and her father in laws victims with a wedding costing almost $ 6 million of with almost three million will have to be paid by the taxpayer because that was the cost of protecting the scum gathering to celebrate her nuptials.

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