Had a break, screwed up my other blog, I’m back.

Bloody hell, tried to update my other blog with wordpress no 3 and screwed it up completely. I have to start from scratch. I wasn’t happy with the lay out so it isn’t much of a problem but damn how stupid can you get.

I will be posting on this blog until things are set up again because even though I’m kind of sick of being the bad news guru and getting slack for it I think that it is kind of important to bring reality related news to Kiwiland and this blog is still available to me.

So while I repair my other blog you can find whatever is really going on in the world over here.

2 thoughts on “Had a break, screwed up my other blog, I’m back.

    • Iodine deficiency and exhaustion will do that but hey I’m getting there. LOL. In the mean time zap Travellerev ev for my facebook page on facebook.

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