OK, I’ll say it; I’m pissed off and insulted: Why did the Standard change my blogname?

Update: IPrent, the webmaster of the Standard has updated the blogroll and Changed my Blog name to it’s full glory. Thank you IPrent for being straight up. At the moment I’m working on a new look for my blog and in my search for inspiration I decided to check the code behind blogs I like […]

Israel murders and innocents pay the price.

Not that you would know from our mainstream media but a couple of days ago it emerged that video’s were taken of an assassination by a Mossad murder team in action. They assassinated in that particular case a political Hamas leader (Elected in a free legal Palestinian election). It turns out they stole the identities […]

The coming Financial wars or is New Zealand going to be the NWO pirate den?

While John Key presents us with the get rich quick scheme he and his banking buddies dreamed up this is what Gerard Celente has to say about the coming financial wars. Is this why John Key had to be elected as our Prime Minister? So the New World Order oligarchs would have a place to […]

John Key wants to make a bank out of New Zealand

It makes perfect sense really. John Key is a banker and he  is making a mess of New Zealand for anybody other than his rich prick friends and mining and banking buddies. If I were him I would try to go back to something I knew something about too. So why not make all of […]

What does a Fallujah like attack on Marja mean for the future of the city

This week it was announced that the city of Marja in Afghanistan was a hotbed of “Al Qaeda” and “Taliban” activity and as such it would be attacked by over 15.000 troops. US, UK and NATO troops will be launching an attack to finally root out the “Taliban”. Why now and why at all? Because […]

Strip clubs, Tranzrail shares, Swingers and Tax dodgers: John Key may be squeeky clean but he sure knows how to pick his friends

During his election campaign John Key had to come clean about “business” visits he “had” to make to strip clubs while working for Wall street giant Merrill Lynch and he tried to avoid having to tell people he had met secretly with Lord Ashcroft, the man who promised to file his tax returns with the […]

No Genitalia Measurement, No Fly

As of today all major airfields in the UK will treat you as a criminal if you refuse a total body scan. Naked body scanners compulsory, refuse and you’ll be treated like a terrorist Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, February 1, 2010 Naked body scanning will now be compulsory at two of Britain’s biggest […]

I’m in good company: 60 aerospace engineers want a new investigation into 911

Last week Architects and engineers reached a milestone; they signed up their 1000th member for their petition into a new and independent investigation into the events of 911. Amongst those were 60 Engineers. I thought I’d introduce them to you. For those who are sadly still believing that 19 young men with box cutters can […]