Losing Ground: Taliban Cover 97% of Afghanistan: Report

Ooh oops, the coalition oft he killing willing is losing in Afghanistan. It seems the Afghani’s want their country for themselves and the Taliban is in control of over 80% of the country and active in all but 3% and attacks and deaths are mounting. And we are going to send SAS troops into that quagmire?

And what is this about a dead Osama bin Laden still being used as a reason for the war on terror? The government would lie to us like that would they?

Update: never mind about Osama bin Laden, they caught another old bloke with a beard in Pakistan this time.

New research indicates that 80% of Afghanistan now has a permanent Taliban presence and that 97% of the country has “substantial Taliban activity.”

The International Council on Security and Development (ICOS) has followed the movement of the Taliban throughout Afghanistan since 2007, by tracking third party public daily reports of incidents that indicate Taliban presence. Presence is defined by: “(An) average of one (or more) insurgent attacks (lethal and non-lethal) per week.”

Even with this new data outlining a 97% presence, ICOS President Ms. Norine McDonald QC told the Huffington Post that she believes that figure is “conservative”.

“It’s bad numbers and bad news,” says MacDoanld. “They (the Taliban) have the momentum, their strategies and tactics are working, and ours are not. … it’s not a question of where they are operating, it’s more a question of where they are not.”

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