Personality disorders: What to do if you suspect one

Let me give you a tip. Get the hell away from people like that. Don’t even try to negotiate with them or try to make them see reason because they just don’t want to reason. Does someone you know cause you emotional pain? Can anything you say or do be twisted against you? Are you […]

Smile on the face of the tiger

By John Pilger At 7.30 in the morning on 3 June, a seven-month-old baby died in the intensive care unit of the European Gaza Hospital in the Gaza Strip. His name was Zein Ad-Din Mohammed Zu’rob, and he was suffering from a lung infection which was treatable. Denied basic equipment, the doctors in Gaza could […]

Swine/Bird/Human flu Pandemic declared

Whether you believe that the virus was engineered or not it is now free to roam the planet. A new virus with Human/Swine and Bird flu genetics combined. GENEVA – The World Health Organisation declared a swine flu pandemic overnight – the first global flu epidemic in 41 years. The decision comes as infections in […]

Glenn Beck smears 911 truth movement

Today a madman “white supremacist” shot a black guard in the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. Glenn Beck a Fox right wing pundit told the public that he “had heard” that this man was a big wig in the 911 truth movement. While I won’t deny that there are paranoid crazies who also happen to […]