Just in case you missed it: Breaking the Silence

On what could be the eve of a deeper involvement of the New Zealand SAS that is the Genocide in Afghanistan for those who missed it this John Pilger documentary about the realities of that war.

What has become clear over the eight and a half years this war has lasted is that:

  • We did not go there to catch Osama bin Laden.
  • We did not go there to help the Afghanis
  • We did not go there to beat the extremist and terroristic Taliban. In fact the Taliban are being financed by the US.
  • We did not go there to liberate the women of Afghanistan
  • We did not go there to rebuild the country

What is becoming more and more evident is that we went there to:

  • Surround Russia and China
  • Get our hands on the Afghani resources (Bamiyan is by the way the very province NZ troops are stationed in.)
  • Destroy the Afghani culture
  • Rebuild the opium trade which had been destroyed by the Taliban

Watch the video:

And while you’re at it spread the video around. New Zealand has no business in Afghanistan.

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