Neturei Karta protest during moment of silence

Members of radical anti-Zionist stream hold protest in Jerusalem during moment of silence for Holocaust victims, saying ‘Zionists cynically abuse the Holocaust for their own purposes’

Kobi Nahshoni

Published: 04.21.09, 13:24 / Israel News

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function setDbLinkCategory(url) {eval(unescape(url));} While Israelis across Israel stood for two minutes of silence Tuesday in memory of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust, dozens of members of the radical Neturei Karta anti-Zionist stream protested in Jerusalem against the state ceremonies marking Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Shortly before 10 am the protesters gathered at the Shabbat Square in the city, and as the sirens sounded and passersby stood still and bowed their head, they began crossing the intersection while holding up signs denouncing “the Zionist Holocaust memorial day.”

Walking during the moment of silence (Photo: Guy Assayag)

The protesters briefly confronted journalists, photographers and bystanders before dispersing.

Yisrael Hirsch of Neturei Karta and a resident of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem told Ynet that “the Zionists cynically abuse the Holocaust for their own purposes.”

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