Rainbow Warrior bombing agent dies in French plane crash

Good riddens. Fernando Pereira who died in the attack lived in my neighbourhood in Amsterdam and was part of a much appreciated small Dutch Portugese community. That community which I knew was devastated after his death. I had friends in that community and I can only say good riddens to bad trash.

A member of the French Secret Service team that carried out the Rainbow Warrior bombing in 1985 has been killed in a plane crash in the French Alps.

Xavier Maniguet, 62, was one of four men aboard the yacht Ouvea that smuggled explosives used in “Operation Satanic”, which sank the Greenpeace flagship in a bid to stall protests against French nuclear tests in the South Pacific.

Maniguet, a flying instructor, died with a 76-year-old pupil on Monday.

They had just dropped off a skier on the 3400-metre-high Etendard glacier near the resort of Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, and were taking off again when a gust of wind hit their craft. Maniguet had been at the controls of the single-engine Jodel aeroplane when the accident happened.

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