Suspicions grow that attack was ‘inside job’

Oh Oops. I’m sure that is all rubbish. No way would they stage false flag operations to get us into wars and destruction. Human nature simply doesn’t work that way. Our politicians and leaders throughout the ages have always been honest and  open and always without exception had the best interest of us “the people” at heart. We’ll perhaps not Stalin and Mussolini…. and perhaps Pol pot and Mao… come to think of it Nixon wasn’t altogether sound either… but, but everybody else and especially the National party of New Zealand, they are all good guys and the love us and they want what’s best for us.

Watch the CCTV footage here

Dramatic footage showing the alleged perpetrators of Tuesday’s audacious attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team making their getaway was released by a Pakistani news channel last night.

The grainy images, captured by four CCTV cameras minutes after the ambush, show the gunmen strolling calmly through the back streets of Liberty Market just before 9am. In one sequence, three of the men walk down a narrow, deserted street, carrying heavy bags and with weapons slung over their shoulders. They then mount a waiting motorcycle and speed away.

Yesterday, police released “wanted” posters bearing sketches of the suspects. Up to 14 masked gunmen took part in the attack on the Sri Lankan team’s tour bus at the Liberty Square roundabout in the heart of Lahore. They opened fire on the bus, killing a driver and six police officers escorting the Sri Lankans. Six players and two assistant coaches were wounded.

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