Wall St tumbles to record low

Wall Street slumped to a 12-year low this morning as investors lost faith that the US government would be able to stabilise the financial system. The S&P 500 and the Dow both posted their lowest closes since the spring of 1997 as reports the government may convert its stake in Citigroup into a big common […]

Obama (no) change alert: Hillary Clinton: Chinese human rights secondary to economic survival

For those of you who actually thought that the US was still a functioning democracy even though money rules and Obama got the money he needed from the banksters and the big corporations. That would be the same banksters getting the bailout money and the same Corporations who send all the good paying jobs oversees […]

AIG in talks with U.S. government, sees $60 billion loss: source

NEW YORK (Reuters) – American International Group, rescued twice last year by the U.S. government, is asking for more aid and bracing for a fourth-quarter loss of roughly $60 billion, a source familiar with the matter said. It would be the biggest loss in a quarter in corporate history. The $60 billion would exceed Time […]

Effacez le nom de mon grand-père à Yad Vashem, par Jean-Moïse Braitberg

How  cruel to have the feeling that the memorial to your ancestors who perished in the biggest Holocaust in Human history is usurped by evil murderous thugs and to feel that to honour your ancestors their names have to be erased fro that memorial. I grew up like Jean-Moïse Braitberg amongst the survivors of that […]

The real Israel-Palestine story is in the West Bank

It is quite likely that you have not heard of the most important developments this week in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the West Bank, while it has been “occupation as normal”, there have been some events that together should be overshadowing Gaza, Gilad Shalit and Avigdor Lieberman. First, there have been a large number of […]

Binyamin Netanyahu targets Iran after he is appointed Prime Minister

Binyamin Netanyahu described Iran as the greatest threat that Israel has ever faced and failed to mention stalled talks with the Palestinians after he was asked to be the country’s new Prime Minister today. In a speech made outside the residence of President Shimon Peres, the Likud leader said that protecting Israel would be his […]

Does the return of the Likud party signal a new war in Lebanon ?

False flag operations and provocations have been a trademark of Israeli operations and Mossad interventions. Infiltrating the alleged enemy camp and using double agents to launch attacks against Israel , in order to justify incursions again neighboring countries have historically dominated the Israeli military and political stage. NBC news and News services reported on February […]

Internet copyright law delayed

Well worth breaking the blackout for I thought. Yes, well done. I’m sure they’ll try and weasel it through some other way but at least this proves that vigilance pays and that we have to stay alert. A controversial copyright law covering the internet will be delayed to see if the sector can make it […]

From Sunday until Tuesday this blog will be blacked out.

Section 92 of the Copyright Amendment Act assumes Guilt Upon Accusation and forces the termination of internet connections and websites without evidence, without a fair trial, and without punishment for any false accusations of copyright infringement. We should speak out against injustices like Guilt Upon Accusation being done in the name of artists and protecting […]

Jobless crisis could hit 11.2% – report

While John Key tells us it won’t be Carnage reality, I guess sort of ceeeped up on John Key. 11.2% unemployment sure sounds like “Carnage” to me but perhaps if we give loads of dosh, which “we the taxpayers” could have spend on creating local jobs for local people,  to Fisher $ Paykel as a […]

Key: It won’t be carnage. Volcker: Crisis May be Even Worse than Depression.

While the rest of the world burns and “Carnage” is evident to even the most myopic idiot who bothers to read anything other than the New Zealand MSM, our (ex)-banking Prime Minister reassures us in an interview with two journalists who should have their official address noted as: John Key’s asshole, “it won’t be”, read […]

On private prisons

This is what a commentator going by the moniker of Sapient  on the frog blog had to say about the privatisation of Prisons. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Part 1: A) The primary motive for any company is returning a profit to its shareholders. B) Private Prisons are a company. Therefore C) The […]

Weldon warns on job loss flow on

The chairman of the “let’s fleece the natives” committee has started the threats. “If you don’t give us the money you’ll be sorry”. Let me give it to you straight: Fisher & Paykel  are fucked. They did too little too late and they are to overextended and selling crap nobody can afford anymore. No amount […]

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

Another Israeli intelligence connection to 2001 attacks on New York and Washington Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Thursday, February 19, 2009 The cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and […]

Sometimes it gets on top of me: the Financial meltdown and assorted Frauds

Marc Faber:”One Day the Price of Gold Will Be Higher than the Dow Jones.” The looming collapse of European banking or how the European banks would like us to bail them out for 16.5 trillion dollars. Stanford depositors swarm banks Who’s behind Madoff? Think Bush and Cheney Charts: Dow Has Just Days to Avoid Big […]

Sometimes it gets on top of me: New World Order

Obama, New Boss same as the Old Boss Part 1: Sibelius Obama, New Boss same as the Old Boss Part 2: Brzezinski’s Fear: Class Warfare and Destruction of the New World Order Great Grandson sues Yale Secret ‘Skull and Bones’ Society to Return Geronimo’s Skull Trouble at Treasury: Geithner gets the keys to the henhouse. […]

Sometimes it get’s on top of me: Gaza

Sometimes I open my laptop in the morning and I start my morning ritual only to end up in a rage. I rage against the machine that inevitable will take all of with it. The military industrial complex, the international banksters, the Corporate predators and the sheer callousness and psychopathic menace that they exhibit. And […]

If the Section 92 get’s through you couldn’t show this anymore

I found this incredibly cute picture on this site. If section 92 gets through you couldn’t show this any more and by the way the site where this came from could not exist any more but more to the point why would anyone bother? Right, they would not bother with that site but they would […]

If you want to be able to read this blog in the future protest Section 92.

It is easier for ISPs, Internet Service Providers, to cut off anyone who might be breaking the law – Judith Tizard (previous Labour MPs) in a bFM interview Of course this is not the only thing Section 92 is good for. If you don’t like the snippets of news linking to a site and the […]

Global slump ‘worse than Depression’

I rest my case. The global market downturn is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s, according to Auckland investment consultant and superannuation expert Jonathan Eriksen, though New Zealand is well placed. After the share crash of 1929, the United States Federal Reserve pushed interest rates up and took a tough line on banks, to […]

We can’t aid them all, says English

Just in case you were still hoping that you with your small business or your farm could still count on that personal phonecall from John Key. Finance Minister Bill English has warned that businesses will go to the wall as the recession bites and most cannot expect government help. Prime Minister John Key has signalled assistance […]

Pressure on Key to reveal bailout criteria

The criteria for bailout? I’ll tell you what if you are rich enough for John Key to have your telephonenumber in his little black book you’re in luck. The rest of us will just have to suck it. Prime Minister John Key is under pressure to reveal the criteria the Government will use to decide […]

Should we support Fisher & Paykel?

I can’t wait for John Key’s personal telephone call when the small company of subcontractors my husband works for gets canned due to Fonterra and assorted bi companies start eliminating costs. His hands on activist attitude really appeals to me now. A prime minister who calls private citizens to give them assuences that they will […]

A Torture Report Could Spell Big Trouble For Bush Lawyers

While those tasked with the actual torture are speaking out and telling us what they had to do reports are appearing about those who told those kids what to do. it turns out that it wasn’t a few bad apples but a whole rotten tree. So when our government decides to send more of your […]

Is Eastern Europe Primed to Explode?

Just in case your wondering? It is already happening. Yesterday the Russian stock market had to be closed to prevent  the collapse of the Russian economy. By Mike Whitney Eastern Europe is about to blow. If it does, it could take much of the EU with it. It’s an emergency situation but there are no […]

Beginning of Phase 5 of the global systemic crisis: phase of global geopolitical dislocation

Back in February 2006, LEAP/E2020 estimated that the global systemic crisis would unfold in 4 main structural phases: trigger, acceleration, impact and decanting phases. This process enabled us to properly anticipate events until now. However our team has now come to the conclusion that, due to the global leaders’ incapacity to fully realise the scope […]

Calling the police to account

The next step on the road to total police control in the police state UK. Could up until now citizens protect themselves by chronicling police behaviour with their camera lenses that has changed as of today. The reason? Terrorists might want to photograph policemen for “terrorist” purposes. Huh? If I was a terrorist I would […]

New Navy-funded Report Warns of War Robots Going “Terminator”

My previous post was about the remote controlled drones the US military are increasingly using to bomb the shit out of remote tribes and people who don’t agree that their countries are annexed bu the US and it’s coalition of the willing killing. Now while all this remote killing of the natives is good old […]

AF Offers Recall Program for Rated Officers

In the recent years the industrial military complex have come up with a new way of warfare. it is called remote control warfare. It works as follows. An unarmed drone manned remotely via a remote screen and comand centre is flown into “enemy teritory” and the “pilot can operate the drone from the safety of […]