America ’s road to Kabul goes through Moscow

We will be asked to extend the duration of our commitment in Afghanistan and we will be pressured to commit more troops to the quagmire that is Afghanistan. We will like in Vietnam era receive home our troops as damaged goods but this time it will be worse. This time our troops will come home with damage that will spread. It was only a couple of weeks ago that those men poisoned by Agent Orange were allowed to present their case in court. In the future there will be men and women who will die with strange diseases and the will give birth to children so deformed they will make you shudder and it will never stop. DU Depleted Uranium is used by the tonnes and it will come home with our troops.

Despite talk of change and both Obama’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s professed distaste and distrust for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, it appears that Obama is committed to continuing Bush’s ill-conceived policy of bombing both Afghanistan and Pakistan, supporting a puppet regime and expecting the starving shell-shocked natives to be thankful.

Last month, Defence Secretary Robert Gates stated, “If we have evidence that the drug labs and drug lords are supporting the Taliban, then they’re fair game.

With regards to the opium production I would like to share with you the following: In the year 2001, the year the Taliban ruled there was a little glitch in the production of opium. The usual war lords terrorising the local Afghan population could not get them to plant their usual Opium crops and the Taliban had the population plant grain. Makes sense I guess. Islam prohibits drugs and the Afghans needed food. This is how it shows in this little graph.

Opium Production in Afghanistan

Opium Production in Afghanistan

What’s funny is that as soon as the Taliban was beaten the l Warlord scum where back in power, supported by their US masters and the CIA and guess what? Opium was back with a vengeance.

Did the US soldiers and the NATO do something about it? Well, judging but the photo of the soldiers happily walking through some Opium fields and there are many more of these they didn’t. In fact most of the opium crops were grown in the US and NATO dominated areas.

But then something happened. The Taliban got back on it’s feet and what’s more they are supported by the local population who’s doing what? Growing opium to sell to the infidels and to fund the Taliban. So now the shoe is on the other foot. The CIA is losing income and the Taliban is getting the revenue. They like the CIA don’t give a flying fuck about decadent Westerners getting hooked on Opium and if that’s the way to make money for weapons than so be it.

So now Gates is telling us that we have to bomb the opium fields to kingdom come and they will.

US soldiers inspecting Afghan opium fields

US soldiers inspecting Afghan opium fields

They will bomb the shit out of perfectly good soil with DU munition and contaminate the soil for the next 4.5 billion years meaning that either the Afghans will eat toxic grain or the West will shoot up toxic “Horse” depending who rules in that godforsaken sandpit.

The new president is discovering that America ’s road to Kabul goes through Moscow ,

As Obama prepares to transfer troops from Iraq to Afghanistan , Al-Qaeda and other jihadists are also “transferring” there according to Afghan Defence Minister General Abdul Rahim Wardak, giving the country the dubious distinction of remaining the centre of the “war on terror”. Throwing down the gauntlet to Obama, the Taliban successfully closed the Khyber Pass yet again last week by blowing up a bridge, torching 10 supply trucks for good measure. The Pakistan army responded by bombing an insurgent base, killing 52 suspected militants. The Taliban have killed nearly two dozen suspected US spies in recent months, all of them in the border region where American drone aircraft have carried out a series of missile strikes.

Newly installed officials describe the situation on the ground in Afghanistan as far more precarious than they had anticipated, with US government departments poorly organised to implement the plan he presented last week to his National Security Council and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Special envoy to Afghanistan-Pakistan Richard Holbrooke said it is “an extraordinarily dysfunctional situation in which the very objectives have to be reviewed.” Obama reacted by delaying the deployment of any further troops until defence chiefs presented a coherent “endgame”, though he can hardly afford to wait 60 days for the results of his “Afpak” policy review. After only a few weeks in office, Obama has painted himself into a corner on this, the stoney cornerstone of his foreign policy.

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