Report: Taliban now encircle Kabul

If the Taliban have 3/4 of the country under control and are now encircling Kabul than it is saying something that the few measly troops we have stationed in Afghanistan are being left alone. Perhaps the Taliban know full well who are the enemy and it is not us. Why do we stay there if our troops are not needed to keep the peace and don’t seem to be a part of the “peace keeping force”?

Taliban now have presence in 3/4 of country

The Taliban now have a presence in nearly three-quarters of Afghanistan, and are beginning to encircle its capital, Kabul, according to a new thinktank report.

According to the report, the Taliban hold a permanent presence in 72 percent of Afghanistan, though Hamid Karzai’s Afghan government says the figures “aren’t credible.”

The Paris-based International Council on Security and Development, which has offices in Afghanistan, says that Taliban fighters have advanced from the south of the country and now carry out regular attacks in the west and northwest.

In many places in the south, they hold power normally associated with a government, the Council says.

“While the international community’s prospects in Afghanistan have never been bleaker, the Taliban has been experiencing a renaissance that has gained momentum since 2005,” the report said. “The West is in genuine danger of losing Afghanistan.”

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