This is the leaked internal report about the WTC 7, the third of only three steel framed buildings to ever collapse as a result of minor fires. In fact the report clearly states that the fires were no longer visible. At any given moment there was only 20 minutes worth of fuel and the office […]

I’m in excellent company, meet: Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force

Capt. Russ Wittenberg is a unique individual in that he actually flew two of the planes that were “hijacked” on 911. Flight “lets roll” 93 and flight 175, the plane that hit the south tower. This is what he has to say about 911: Former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions.  […]

Breaking news: leaked NIST report about WTC 7… Developing

The leaked report will be published tomorrow so all of you can analyse it for yourselves. For now I can tell you that explosive events just before the demolition of building 7 which were also observed in the Twin towers and explained away as the result of the collapses are now in doubt.

White House won’t admit that Bush met with military analysts

For those Kiwi’s that still think America is a democracy and has a free press devoid of propaganda: At Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Dana Perino claimed that she doesn’t know whether President Bush ever met with TV military analysts who participated in the Pentagon’s secret propaganda program that was suspended earlier this […]

Another finance company to close

Email a Friend | Printable View | Have Your Say Related Links • The wait is on for $240m • Subscribe to Archivestuff • Have your say Advertisement <NOSCRIPT><A href=”×600/POS=STORYMIDDLECOLUMN/acc_random=76311408772/pageid=76311408772/site=s/”><IMG SRC=”;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;sz=160×600;ord=76311408772?” BORDER=0 WIDTH=160 HEIGHT=600 ALT=”Click Here”></A></NOSCRIPT> Advertisement Dorchester Pacific looks set be reduced to a listed shell company with about $15 million of capital after […]

The legacy of Nandor

I have had the chance to talk with Nandor and I was impressed with his intelligence and integrity. I will miss him in politics but wish him al the best in the next fase of his life. Nine years after his colourful entrance to Parliament, Nandor Tanczos today farewells his colleagues. Martin Kay talks to […]

Current account deficit soars

BREAKING NEWS: New Zealand posted a much worse than expected $2.16 billion current account deficit in the March quarter, figures released today by Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) show. The surprising bad news came despite the first actual dollar goods surplus for a March quarter, at $295 million, since 2003. The median forecast of economists in […]

The Subprime Trump Card: Standing up to the Banks

This is how the rest of the world thinks about bankers these days. But the Kiwi sheeple are actually going to vote a banker in. It’s like giving the henhouse to the fox. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the […]

The Coming Catastrophe? War with Iran.

If the United States attacks Iran either this summer or this fall, the American people had better be prepared for a shock that may perhaps be even greater to the national psyche (and economy) than 9/11. First of all, there will be significant U.S. casualties in the initial invasion. American jets will be shot down […]

State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

Just for those Kiwi’s who still think the US and the UK are the good guys. Shining Light on the “Black World” In January of 2002, the Washington Post ran a story detailing a CIA plan put forward to President Bush shortly after 9/11 by CIA Director George Tenet titled, “Worldwide Attack Matrix,” which was […]

Follow the Money? God forbid.

In the months leading up to 911 strange financial transactions were noted. Why was the cashing out of billions of dollars just before the 9/11 attacks never investigated? by Jim Hogue <!– –> Had an investigation been done into the crime of failing to file the “currency transaction reports” in August 2001, then we would […]

Gas-Pump Gouging; Just Don’t Blame The Saudis

By Mike Whitney 24/06/08 “ICH” — — I’ve seen this bad movie before. It’s the Enron movie, which hit the West Coast power-markets like a bomb because the federal government was asleep at the switch. Now it’s happening again with oil prices.” Rep. Jay Inslee D-WA There is no oil shortage, not yet at least. […]

I am in excellent company, meet Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

I have met this wonderful man when I was attending the 911truth conference in Sidney last March. In the Vietnam era we would have been diagonally opposed to each other in the poitical spectrum but now I was proud to asked to be part of a forum of which he was a member. His CV […]

Awesome, John Key no 43 in the NZ blogosphere and this blog no 44

Sometimes the future is so bright you’ve got to wear shades. Who would have thunk my blog would ever get this far. Anonymous recently arrived Dutch woman blog rubbing shoulders with the incumbent prime ministers blog. Hey John Key, you slippery  smiling assassin, move over; I will tell my readers all about your nasty, criminal […]

Bomb Iran? What’s to Stop Us?

By Ray McGovern June 19, 2008 It’s crazy, but it’s coming soon – from the same folks who brought us Iraq. Unlike the attack on Iraq five years ago, to deal with Iran there need be no massing of troops. And, with the propaganda buildup already well under way, there need be little, if any, […]

Michael Parenti – The Struggle for History

Michael Parenti is one of my heroes. He is a much respected lecturer and historian and the author of many excellent books and in this speech he addresses the way the ruling elites manipulates our perception of history and the events that determine history. It is a very engaging and intelligent lecture and I encourage […]

Army ‘vacuum’ missile hits Taliban

This a horrible weapon folks. I hope there is a very special place in hell for the people who dream up these nightmares. British forces in Afghanistan have used one of the world’s most deadly and controversial missiles to fight the Taliban. Apache attack helicopters have fired the thermobaric weapons against fighters in buildings and […]

Now that I have your attention: more on WTC 7

CIA Director William Colby said: “The CIA owns everyone in the major media! Fri Nov 19, 2004 20:23 On the 7th of July 2008 the BBC will air a documentary about WTC 7. The BBC has a history of airing very biased documentaries were it concerns the events of 911. Until today no official explanation […]

AIPAC rules the foreign policy of the USA

Portrait of a taboo. AIPAC the powerful Israeli lobby that rules the USA foreign policy to the point that it is detrimental to the USA itself. Why don’t we have documentaries like this on NZTV? Why don’t we talk about Israel and it’s pressure on the USA, because you will be called an Anti-Semite.

Afghanistan’s untapped oil and gas underestimated

Attacking another country pre-emptively or for it’s resources is a crime against humanity and the mother of all war crimes. Collaborating in such a war with the main perpetrators makes you complicit in these crimes. Genocide is another war crime and a crime against humanity. The use of Depleted Uranium fits the bill. To continue […]

The answer lies in oil

Repeat after me: Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked for the oil. We did not go in there to catch Osama bin Laden or to help the Afghans nor the Iraqis, we wanted the oil. In the Iraq story, it seems, the answer lies in the oil. This week we hear via the New York Times […]

Saudi Arabia Will Raise Oil Output 2% in July to Curb Prices

What this means is that Investment bankers gambled with Bonds and Derivatives contaminated with toxic sub prime mortgage sludge, and when the market collapsed changed their game by buying up crude and driving up the price in order to make up for their losses. In other words we are paying for their irresponsible behaviour. By […]

A Totally Lawless Regime

By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. Think about this question: In the 21st century what regime is more lawless than the Bush Regime? Everyone is entitled to […]

I am in good company: Lt. Col. Karen U. Kwiatkowski, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

Former Political-Military Affairs Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Also served on the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency. 20-year Air Force career.  Member adjunct faculty, Political Science Department, James Madison University.  Instructor, University of Maryland University College and American Public University System.  Author of African Crisis Response Initiative: […]

Commentary: Have none of our leaders got the guts to ask how we got into this mess?

Helen Clark and Phil Goff when will you stop collaborating with these Fascist pigs? This week, we are mourning the latest young British soldiers blown up in Afghanistan. Last week, we mourned the five young soldiers of the Parachute Regiment also killed by the Taliban. Nine have fallen in ten days, bringing to 106 the […]

U.S. Military Hoped for Virtually Unlimited Freedom of Action in Iraq

So let me get this clear: We were going to liberate these people and give them back their country Right? Wrong, we wanted the oil and control over Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 252 Posted – June 13, 2008 For more information contact: Joyce Battle – (202) 994-7145 20/06/08 […]