It Was Oil, All Along. Of course it was.

When I saw the buildings fall on the day of 911 my first thought was this is the end of the world as we know it and my second thought was: This is about oil. As the war drums started to sound and we in Europe were told that the Taliban was prepared to give Osama bin Laden up if proof was supplied that he was involved I knew that America would attack regardless. I wasn’t alone.

I was one of a hundred thousand people to demonstrate against the war in Amsterdam. When the war drums began to sound for the war in Iran we demonstrated again to no avail. People don’t even bother to demonstrate against the looming war with Iran. We know that the evil that took over on the day of 911 will rum it’s own course no matter what people like me do. In fact this evil will only end when every thing in it’s path will be destroyed and there simmply is no more. Like a bushfire will burn untill the winds die down and it’s fuel is burned up. The only thing you can do is to run for the mountains and sit it out and hope like hell you can hide when this evil tries to come your way. (travellerev)

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