Meet the pilots for 911 truth

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the pilots who want a new investigation into what really happened on the 11th of September 2001.

When Bob Balsamo watched Glen Beck an American TV host discuss the only 10 frames of video footage ever to be released of the “plane” hitting the Pentagon, he realised that he wasn’t seeing a plane at all, and wanted to learn more about what happened on 911. He began researching the events and started to read up on his governments nefarious activities and one of those activities was the planning of a false flag operation called  Northwoods. It blew him away. Just 40 years before the events of 911 elements in the Kennedy administration had been planning an operation involving the destruction of a plane and American citizens in order to justify an attack on Cuba. The only reason this didn’t happen was because Kennedy refused.

In Late summer he co-founded a group called Pilots for 911 truth. Through FOIA (Freedom of information Act) requests they managed to get the flight data from the black box from flight 77. The plane that allegedly hit the pentagon. Together with help from Computer specialists they managed to access the flight data and when they watched it in a flight simulation program the discovered that the data did not match the official story. it did however match the testimony of witnesses of the Pentagon attack.

I have linked to Pandora’s black box 2 so you can watch what they discovered with your own eyes.

This is a video from a group who has made it their lives work to find all the witnesses and try to record their statements:

This the site patriots question 911

And this the pilots forum were you can ask these guys questions and educate yourselves. They don’t take crap so only go there if you seriously want to study the subject of 911. This doesn’t mean that you have to believe every thing they say but trolling or heckling is not constructive and will be dealt with immediately.

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