Bush Secrecy Policies have Transformed U.S. Government from “Open” to “Closed”

President George W. Bush has transformed an open federal government in Washington into one of “pervasive secrecy,” a distinguished authority on communications and First Amendment rights says. Since his inauguration, Bush has overseen changes that suggest “a dramatic growth of government secrecy, far beyond the secrecy occurring during the Clinton Administration,” writes Susan Dente Ross, […]

The March to War: Israel Prepares for War against Lebanon and Syria

By the start of 2007, reports about major upgrades to the Syrian military, including advances in missile technology, with Iranian help were widespread in Israel. [1] The impression of an imminent war existed across much of the Middle East. Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran were reported in Israel to be preparing for a war to spark […]

War pimp alert: Petraeus promotion keeps nation on its war course

WASHINGTON – President Bush is promoting his top Iraq commander, Army Gen. David Petraeus, and replacing him with the general’s recent deputy, keeping the U.S. on its war course and handing the next president a pair of combat-tested commanders who have relentlessly defended Bush’s strategies. ADVERTISEMENT Bush will nominate Petraeus to replace Navy Adm. William […]

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Oil Rules!

It’s strange that the business and geopolitics of energy takes up so little space on American front pages — or that we could conduct an oil war in Iraq with hardly a mention of the words “oil” and “war” in the same paragraph in those same papers over the years. Strange indeed. And yet, oil […]

Martial law apert:The Anti-Hijacking Safety Bracelet

So on order to intercept the one in a billion chance that someone will hijack a plane we will all have to wear these bracelets, to prove we are not hijackers. This strikes me as a very bad idea, how about you? This is the worst air travel security idea I’ve heard of in a […]

Bailout Bonanza

Is there a larger, more exploited, defenseless group of undifferentiated Americans than the 133 million individual federal income taxpayers? Their dollars are used to subsidize organized corporate interests, giveaway taxpayer assets like minerals under the public lands, and bail out speculative, self-enriching corporations and their crooked bosses. As large corporations, and their trade associations, complete […]

Study says 300,000 U.S. troops suffer mental problems

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – About 300,000 U.S. troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or depression, but about half receive no care, an independent study said on Thursday. The study by the RAND Corp. also estimated that another 320,000 troops have sustained a possible traumatic brain injury during deployment. But researchers […]

Announcement of a new 911 Truth Forum

Dear Readers, But it is with pleasure that I announce the start of the new forum. It is our intention to form an online Kiwi 911 Truth Community. Since I announced my intention to start and 11th of every month 911 Truth movement I have found a couple of 911 truthers via American 911 block […]

Mainstream Financial Press is Finally Catching on to Hedge Funds

Finally, the mainstream financial press is finally catching on to hedge funds; they’re a rip-off. This from Forbes : “At first glance, hedge funds appear to load management contracts with incentives to encourage good performance and to keep managers’ interests in line with investors’. But in practice there is no way to encourage excellence without […]

Experts see Depression parallels in U.S. crisis

By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (Reuters) – Events surrounding the U.S. housing crash in many ways resemble the Great Depression, including strings of failed bailout plans and a reliance on voluntary compliance, policy experts said on Thursday. A panel of speakers at Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute, in Annandale-on-Hudson in upstate New […]

Oooh oops:Meltdown of U.S. Dollar Underway as China Dumps the Currency

Comments by China that it intends to move away from its reliance on the dollar triggered a sharp drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and heightened worldwide fears about the U.S. currency’s stability. Chinese Central Bank Vice Director Xiu Jian said that his country is planning to shift much of its $1.4 trillion national […]

Swiss National Bank announces new injection of U.S. dollar liquidity

ZURICH, Switzerland: The Swiss National Bank will offer up to US$6 billion (€3.8 billion) in short term credit to ease strains in jittery financial markets, the central bank said Friday. SNB’s move will come in an auction of so-called repo loans, or repurchase agreements, to renew a similar measure of US$6 billion made last month […]

Authorities lose patience with collapsing dollar

Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU’s ‘Mr Euro’, has given the clearest warning to date that the world authorities may take action to halt the collapse of the dollar and undercut commodity speculation by hedge funds. Jean-Claude Juncker, who is calling for Washington to take steps to halt the slide of the dollar Momentum traders have blithely […]

Citi posts loss, cuts 9,000 more jobs

Financial services giant records $5.1 billion loss and more than $13 billion in writedowns, and says it will eliminate more positions. // Uses both the shortcut for $(document).ready() // and the argument to write failsafe jQuery code // using the $ alias, without relying on the global alias. jQuery(function($) { // Your code using failsafe […]

Merrill Lynch posts big loss, cutting 2,900 jobs

Merrill Lynch & Co has posted its third straight quarterly loss and said it planned to cut 2900 more jobs after recording more than $US6.5 billion ($NZ8.3 billion) in write-downs on subprime mortgages and other risky assets. The $US2 billion loss was worse than Wall Street analysts’ gloomy expectations, but Merrill Lynch’s shares rose 4 […]

Asia Teeters Toward Food Crisis from Lack of Water

In countries like India, overpumping of groundwater for agriculture is reaching crisis level. Just before dusk on the central plain of India’s northern Punjab state Naresh Kumar, 22, crouches under drill and sprinkles mustard oil, turmeric, raw sugar and confections inside a 10-inch circle traced in the rich soil. Hands clasped and head bowed, he […]

The U.S. Nears the Limits of Its Water Supplies

Public water systems are failing, several states are setting severe water use restrictions, and key water sources are drying up. I am amazed: since last summer, almost every day we see at least one news story on another water crisis in the U.S. The water crisis is no longer something that we know about as […]

1000 jobs lost in one day

1000 jobs lost in one day Was it only last week when a man who goes by the moniker “higherstandard” and who comments on the blog site the Standard run by labour supporters who asked me where do you stand on the trade agreement with China? I responded with a comment that failed to emerge […]

Media silence on: The collapse of world trade centre building 7

When I tell people about the events of 911 some people ask me, “if 911 was an inside job than why haven’t people come forward with this?” additionally they ask me why it’s not all over the newspapers. Well, to answer the first question; people have come forward, they have come forward in droves actually. […]

End Game, the killing has started: Bankers saved, human rights sacrificed.

The randomness of numbers sometimes throws up some striking coincidences. Behind the shadow plays conjured up by the zealous servants of neoliberal globalisation, the brutal backstage reality revealed itself this week, through the publication of two international statistics. On the one hand, the amount of Official Development Assistance (ODA) distributed by the rich countries in […]

How US Capitalism Will End US Military Adventurism

Could not have said it better myself. America is a dead men walking, now all it needs to do is give in to the inevitable and fall over. You know those overused phrases right? Those quips like ‘What goes around comes around’; ‘Karma is a bitch’; ‘You reap what you sow’; the trite off the […]

End game, the killing has begun:A man-made famine

This is what free trade means. The rich get to bet with our food and other basic necessities. For anyone who understands the current food crisis, it is hard to listen to the head of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, without gagging. Earlier this week, Zoellick waxed apocalyptic about the consequences of the global surge […]

Pentagon seeks authority to train and equip foreign militaries

Except they all ready train foreign militaries. According to a NZ ex Army mate of mine there are about 300 ex NZ military stationed in Iraq to “train” in modern warfare. He also told me he knows at least 60 of them personally. This means that we are engaged in two illegal wars of aggression […]

I feared fallout if I warned on Blue Chip, says ex-minister

Well, the NZ Herald couldn’t quit get from under this one, but they manage to avoid having to say that John Luxton was the commerce minister for the National party so who did he feel the fall out for? His National mates of course. So rather than warning the poor saps who bought the scam […]

To the families who lost loved ones in the Mangatepopo disaster

Sometimes, just everything has to stop and nothing is important any more. Such a time is now, with the lives of 7 beautiful young people lost. I want to extend my condolences to the families and friends of the young men an women who lost their lives yesterday in the Mangepopo disaster. Om mane peme […]

The end game has started:Global hunger, corporate greed: When will enough be enough?

Media around the world are currently feeding off the increasing price of food everywhere. The World Bank chief has joined in with the prediction that starvation is a distinct possibility for many of the weaker nations, leading to political turmoil. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) chief says only 14 percent of available water is […]

Housing affordability getting worse

Housing affordability during March was the worst it has been in at least six years as strong house prices and rising interest rates combined to squeeze mortgage holders. The latest Fairfax Media Home Loan affordability report shows the proportion of median take home pay required to service the mortgage on a median house rose to […]