War Propaganda: Disneyland goes to war-torn Iraq

Just in case you still thought that the US respects the Iraqis and their culture.

Disneyland  goes to war-torn Iraq, with a multi-million dollar entertainment complex, to be built on a 50 acre lot adjacent to the Green Zone.

The American-style amusement park will feature a skateboard park, rides, a concert theatre and a museum.

The occupation forces are of the opinion that Baghdad is “lacking in entertainment”. General David Petraeus, is said to be a “big supporter” of bringing Disneyland to Baghdad.

Supported by the Pentagon, an unknown Los Angeles based holding company C3 of private equity investors, will be developing the “Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience”. The park will be designed by Ride and Show Engineering (RSE),

RSE founders Eduard Feuer and William Watkins pioneered Walt Disney’s  “Imagineering”, the design and engineering division of the Walt Disney Company, before setting up RSE as a separate corporate entity.

RSE has developed numerous large scale entertainment complexes around the world including a project at the Anaheim California Disney Complex.

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