Consider the Consequences of Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Power Plants, and Pray

Just in case you still thought that the US would not be stupid enough to attack Iran.

The US government has recently increased the belligerence of its tone towards Iran.

A string of reports in a variety of newspapers suggest war is on the way: the Mail & Guardian April 1, the Rutland Herald April 4, the Telegraph April 7, the International Herald Tribune April 11, the Washington Post April 12, the Washington Times April 16, the Progressive April 24, the Santa Monica Mirror April 24, Asia Times April 25, the International Herald Tribune April 25, the Toronto Star April 25, the Christian Science Monitor April 25, the Washington Post April 26, the Washington Times April 26, First Post April 26, Los Angeles Times April 26, the Washington Times April 26, and the Telegraph April 26.

Two offensive aircraft carriers fleets are now on station near Iran and another is reportedly en route.  In late March, Saudi Arabia practiced how it will cope with nuclear fallout following a US attack on Iran. In early April, Israel practiced how it will cope with retaliatory missiles following a US attack on Iran.  Everyone in the region is getting ready for the bombing of Iran’s nuclear power plant and enrichment facilities.  Iran, too, is ready for war.

The US is said to have 10,000 targets in Iran.  Primary among these are all nuclear facilities, including the nuclear power plant at Bushehr on the Persian Gulf coast near Kuwait, and the nuclear enrichment facilities in Natanz near Esfahan.  Bushehr is an industrial city, with nearly 1 million residents.  As many as 70,000 foreign engineers work in the region, which includes a large gas field.  Natanz is Iran’s primary enrichment site, north of Esfahan, which also has nuclear research facilities. Esfahan is a world heritage city with a population of 2 million.

Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor has 82 tons of enriched uranium (U235) now loaded into it, according to Israeli and Chinese news reports.  The plant is scheduled to become operational this summer, producing electricity.  The Natanz enrichment facility is operating a full capacity, enriching uranium for use in reactors according to IAEA reports.

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