911 truth comes to the streets of New Zealand

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Press release regarding: 11th of every month 911 truth group.

We are pleased to announce the first street action of the first 11th of every month 911 truth chapter for New Zealand.

The first 11th of every month 911 truth grouped was formed in San Francisco by a 911 activist called Cosmos. Within a year 11th of every month groups had formed in hundreds of cities around the globe. The 11th of every month groups, so called because these groups take to streets on the 11th of every month to peacefully share information with other citizens about what happened on 911, want a new and full and independent investigation of the events of 911 and justice for the victims.

These include the first 3000 victims that fell on that day, the people they left behind, the 40,000 first responders who are now ill and dying from the toxins liberated when the towers exploded and the soldiers and Afghan and Iraqi people that died in the ensuing illegal wars of aggression perpetrated on their countries.

We are proud to announce the formation of the first 11th of every month 911 truth chapter in New Zealand.

We’ll take to the streets on Sunday the 11th of May in Raglan where we will bring the 911 truth message to the visitors of the Whaingaroa art and food market.

We are also proud to announce that we are currently working on two, 11th of every month groups in Auckland and Wellington which will take to the street on the 11th of June and the 11th of July respectively.

For more information go to our new 911 truth forum, membership is free and you will be kept informed on all up and coming events.

Evelyn Gilbert

4 thoughts on “911 truth comes to the streets of New Zealand

  1. Thank you so much Richard, it is things like this that make it all worth while. You of Dutch descent by any chance?

  2. Congratulations New Zealand! for 911 Truth for upcoming 11th of each month! Richard here on behalf of all the 911 truth activists here in Edmonton Alberta Canada …together we are going to have 911 truth…In solidarity dear friends of New Zealand!!

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