Urgent: Vinny Eastwood Interviews Dr Guy Hatchard About The Natural Products Bill

Vinny Eastwood interviews Dr Guy Hatchard and talking about the very dangerous legislation being rammed through NZ parliament right now while the country sleeps! THE NATURAL PRODUCTS BILL will affect every kiwi and similar legislation is being geared up around the world! It will essentially give the big pharmaceutical companies whose drugs kill people every […]

New RSS Link To The BDS Movement Site

The name “BDS movement” stands for Boycott, Divest and Sanctions. It was started in 2005 by the Palestinian civil society  when they issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. This is growing into a truly global movement against the […]

The Financial Tsunami Part 5: The Predators had a Ball

The last of William Engdahl’s excellent series on the bankers looting spree: Colossal Collateral Damage The multi-trillion dollar US-centered securitization debacle began to unravel in June 2007 with the liquidity crisis in two hedge funds owned by Bear Stearns, one of the world’s largest and most successful investment banks. The funds were heavily invested in […]

The Financial Tsunami Part 4: Asset Securitization – The Last Tango

Part 4 of William Engdahl’s series: Endgame: Unregulated Private Money Creation What had emerged going into the new millennium after the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall was an awesome transformation of American credit markets into what was soon to become the world’s greatest unregulated private money creation machine. The New Finance was built on an incestuous, […]

The Financial Tsunami Part 3: Greenspan’s Grand Design

Here is part 3: The Long-Term Greenspan Agenda Seven years of Volcker monetary “shock therapy” had ignited a payments crisis across the Third World. Billions of dollars in recycled petrodollar debts loaned by major New York and London banks to finance oil imports after the oil price rises of the 1970’s, suddenly became non-payable. The […]

The Financial Tsunami 2: The Financial Foundations of the American Century

Here is part 2 of William Engdahl’s excellent analysis of the ongoing collapse of our financial system as a result of deregulation and unfettered fraudulent machinations of the financial elite: The ongoing and deepening global financial crisis, nominally triggered in July 2007 by an event involving a small German bank holding securitized assets backed by […]

The Financial Tsunami, Part 1: Sub-Prime Mortgage Debt is but the Tip of the Iceberg

For most people business cycles are sort of an excepted event. In New Zealand people are saying oh well, she’ll be right in a couple of years and we’ll be sweet. I thought I’d start re-linking to a series of excellent article from William Engdahl about what he termed the financial Tsunami. Here is article […]

First Review Of The Financial Review

Thanks to the donations I received yesterday. I was able to subscribe for a year to the Financial Review to which I wanted to have access because some of their articles were about people who interested me due to their connection with John Key and Merrill Lynch. My first impression was as I expected. The […]

An Appeal For Financial Support to further my research!

Update: I have reached the minimum needed for a subscription to the Financial Review which has been on my list of subscriptions for while now and I am so grateful for the donations so far! I started the subscription straight away and oh, boy what a great resource it already turns out to be! In […]

German report: Bailout has saved banks, not Greece

What should have been obvious from the very start has now been confirmed by German study. 95% of the money lend to Greece was used to bail out, not Greece but the big banks. In other words This was just another big bank looting operation. —————————————– Some 95 percent of the 220 billion euros disbursed […]

The Nakba: Narrating the ‘non-existing’ Palestinians into history

By Hatem Bazian I have been engaged in a constant writing project that intends to highlight Palestinian narratives since 1948 up to the present. A narrative of dispossession touches every Palestinian family, including my own. During the 1948 Nakba and the war period, two family members on my father’s side, Jawdat Ali Rida Muhammad Bazian […]

Guest Post On The Standard!

One of the authors of the Standard gave me the opportunity to post a guest post on the Standard blog. This morning my part of the interview with William Black Vinny and I did about three weeks ago and an introduction to this mans work were posted on the Standard. I want to thank my […]

Cameron Tells Queen About Fantastically Corrupt Countries. Forgets To Mention New Zealand!

Here is a little video where Cameron tells the queen about how fantastically corrupt Nigeria and Afghanistan are. He forgot to mention the City of London and New Zealand among others. Did I mention our own queen of corrupt Judith Collins was attending? Here is what Max and Stacey have to say about it:

I Challenge The Standard To Invite Me For A Guest Post In Fact F&*l It, I challenge The Daily Blog Too!

At the Standard, the second biggest New Zealand blog and the biggest so called leftist blog, a discussion raged about how to get more female bloggers posting at the blog. I challenged them to invite me for a guest post!  (Scroll down to comment 12 for the text) In February my blog Aotearoa A Wider […]

John Key Wants New Zealand To Be A Secrecy Jurisdiction (Tax Haven) For Ever And Ever And Ever……

Here is an 8 minute long video about what the TPPA and TISA will do to New Zealand and every other country that signs on to them. the same will happen in Europe when the elite pushes TTIP through. And here is what Ellen Brown has to say about it: In March 2014, the Bank […]

Secrecy Jurisdictions, Crime, One Law For The 1% And One Law For The Rest Of Us

“Tax avoidance was only the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t really realize how much bigger the problem is. Really what wealth managers do extend much more generally to law avoidance. And that creates problems of legitimacy for whole governments. It’s bad enough that people think they are getting shafted because the rich aren’t paying their […]

Deconspirare Necesse Est, A Journey Into The Underbelly Of “Perception” Management. Introduction.

The first time I encountered the term “Perception” management I was investigating the involvement of a highly aggressive individual in a local action group. He showed up at two crucial moments in its history and when he left, he left ruin, distrust, broken relationships and apathy in pursuing a very worthy cause. I found only […]

Who Is Shelling Allepo’s Hospitals?

All the MSM articles, as a matter of cause blame the Assad Government or RT for any bombing that might occur. In fact this morning the Daily Mail actually suggested that ISIS and Assad were cooperating in the recently liberated city of Palmyra so Assad could bomb his own population. The source of the information […]

The Haasvara Agreement Between Pre-War Germany and Zionist Jews Is A Matter Of Historic Record So Why The Uproar?

All hell broke loose in the UK when Ken Livingstone said that Hitler had reached and agreement with Zionist Jews about allowing Jews living in Germany to what emigrate to what we now call Israel. So did he lie? Was what he was saying anti Semitic? I give you this information so you can make […]

Competition Is A Sin

Competition is a Sin! John D, Rockefeller In this show Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser discuss the TPP and TTIP and how it eliminate competition which gives credence to the quote attributed to John D. Rockefeller: Competition is a sin and should therefor be destroyed. For anybody who has tried to have a little food […]

You Never Put An Investment Banker On The Board Of A Pension Fund!

In 2012 I wrote a post about the Cullen fund and the fact that a Merrill Lynch banker was on the first board of Guardians for a Sovereign Wealth fund which we know as the Cullen fund. It struck me as very suspect that a banker from a bank whose trading model was based on […]